Making a donation to the Rory Foundation

Here at the Rory Foundation we work with a number of leading charitable organisations and partners. The fund comes directly from Rory himself however we appreciate that there are a number of you who would like to help and get involved in supporting the Foundation.


Unfortunately we do not accept any unsolicited requests for funding. Please see our Funding Policy below.


Here at The Rory Foundation, we consider funding proposals by invitation only, primarily from organisations in Northern Ireland, the Republic of Ireland, the United States and some other countries in which we have existing relationships with our work. We search for causes and organisations that offer evidence of their past and current impact, a solid financial track record, expert leadership and the ability to show innovation, initiative and ongoing success.

We understand that not considering unsolicited requests places an increased pressure on our staff to be open to a wide range of opportunities and developments in our core areas of operation, but feel that we are very well placed to do so, through our broad network of contacts and friends of the Foundation.

We hope you can understand the reasons behind this policy, and we are keen to reassure you that before we award any funding to an organisation, we go through an in depth process to achieve a joint understanding of how success will be measured, as well as a full risk assessment on any potential issues that could arise and have a detrimental effect on either party. We offer our full support to the organisations we work with, creating a partnership that we hope will be fruitful for all involved.